Lucy Powell is a female student at Stamford Gate GCC. Until replacing Douglas Alexander, who was killed near the climax of Season Eighteen, as a member of SG-1, she was part of SG-4. She is one of the few notable female characters in the series, along with Zowie Hosker, Jenny Simon, Dr. Janet Frasier and Sussie. She has had different parents in four episodes now, which were most likely continuity errors.


Lucy was initaly a background character, first appearing in "The Serpent's Lair", barely even appearing until "Chain Reaction", witnessing the speech by the then-new commanding officer of Stamford Gate, Henry Bauer. she is seen standing in front of PopFizz and next to Archen. Lucy has been a member of SG-1 since "Expert or Liar", replacing Douglas Alexander, following his tragic death in the previous episode, "Heroes, Part 2".

As most of the residents in Pencaster are Roman Catholic, it can be assumed that she is most likely the same religion.



Rob BroflovskiEdit

Toad SandersonEdit

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Video Games (Non-Canon)Edit

The Jumping Ground Game 2Edit

She can be found at Stinkingsbury, where she will reward you with 5000 bucks, if playing as Rob, after helping her fix her laptop.

The Jumping Ground Game IIIEdit

She is found at The Serpent's Gorge, where she builds the player a boat to travel across the swamp.

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