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Season One of The Jumping Ground was the season that started it all. Originally airing from January 28 to April 22, 1998, the series debuted as the hit new animated television series from Showtime.


  • 1998 Annie Award Nomination - "Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Primetime or Late Night Television Program"
  • 1998 Emmy Award Nomination - "Outstanding Animated Program"
  • GLAAD Award - "Outstanding TV – Individual Episode" for "Cold Lazarus"
  • CableACE Award - "Best Animated Series"


Season One's first episode, "Rob Gets an Anal Probe", received a Nielsen Rating of 1.3 but by the time the season's tenth episode, "Damien", aired, it had achieved a rating of 6.4. At the time, a number of reviewers derided the show as going too far, the Parents' Television Council stated, "The Jumping Ground is so offensive that it shouldn't have been made. It doesn't just push the envelope; it knocks it off the table." Later reviewers, however, have on the whole praised the show for its originality and audacity.


Screenshot Title Air Date Code #
Jg101 "Rob Gets an Anal Probe" January 28, 1998 101 1

Rob tells his friends about an odd nightmare he had the previous night involving alien visitors abducting him from his bed. Puff, Lance, Zowie and Chef all try to convince him that his dream really happened.

Jg102 "Weight Gain 9000" February 4, 1998 102 2

Rob tries to bulk up using "Weight Gain 9000"; Mr. Brown attempts to assassinate Kathie Lee Gifford. A mishap happens when Rob takes too much and becomes more overweight than he already is and Kathie Lee Gifford flees.

Jg103 "Mt. Conoret" February 11, 1998 103 3

The boys go hunting with Puff's uncle Jimbo and his friend Ned, not knowing a Mountain is about to erupt nearby; Rob tells a scary story involving the creature "Scuzzlebutt"; Rob doesn't want to kill animals and is afraid Jimbo likes Zowie more than him because of that. Rob plays a prank and pretends he's Scuzzlebutt.

Jg104 "Cold Lazarus" February 18, 1998 104 4

During a search through a yellow-sanded planet filled with blue crystals, Puff inadvertently touches one and is knocked unconscious. A double of himself is created to examine the Tau'ri and returns to Earth, where he is set loose to explore Puff's past and soon becomes an unwitting threat to society.

Jg105 "Thor's Hammer" February 25, 1998 105 5

Whilst exploring Cimmeria, Rob and Puff are transported to a labyrinth where any Goa'uld, as well as their host, will die if they try to escape. The two nevertheless attempt to find a way out, but are found by an unwanted visitor. Meanwhile, Lance and Zowie use Kendra, a former Goa'uld host, to guide them to the labyrinth.

Jg106 "The Torment of Tantalus" March 4, 1998 106 6

Lance sees a video documenting classified experiments from 1945 in which the Groundbridge was actually activated and Ernest Littlefield, the love of his former archeology mentor Catherine Langford was stranded alone on a planet for more than 50 years. The kids, and Langford gate to the planet and are surprised to find Littlefield still alive.

125px "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig" March 11, 1998 107 7

Lance's mom won't let him keep his new pet, an elephant, because it's so huge. The boys therefore turn to Dr. Mephesto to genetically engineer a smaller elephant.

Jg108 "Damien" March 18, 1998 108 8

As Rob's birthday approaches, a new student transfers into the boys' class. His arrival signifies the foretold battle between Jesus and Satan, which may ruin the birthday party.

125px "The Bitix" March 25, 1998 109 9

After increased pressure to acquire advanced technology from their missions, The kids travel to the planet Gaia in order to capture a creature apparently capable of rendering itself invisible. When Shinnok and his guards find them, they are killed, but then miraculously resurrected by the Nox, a race of beings who will not meddle with any of their immediate affairs, especially capturing Shinnok.

Jg110 "Split Decision" April 8, 1998 110 10

The kids rescue a group of technologically advanced Humans, the Tollans, whom they find near death on a volcanically unstable planet. The Tollans don't want to share any of their knowledge with the more "primitive" Earth Humans and, because of this, the NID and Colonel Harold Maybourne plan to take them away for study. Puff tries to stop the NID by having the reluctant Tollans use their technology to escape.

125px "Politics" April 15, 1998 111 11

The Tau'ri government has drastic plans as Senator Robert Kinsey evaluates the dangers of the Groundbridge program.

Jg112 "Mecha-Streisand" April 22, 1998 112 12

After the Groundbridge program is shut down after Senator Robert Kinsey's visit, the kids find an artifact which Barbra Streisand uses to transform herself into a giant monster and wreck the town; the Stamford Gate student body, along with a team of assorted celebrities show up to battle her.

Jg113 "Within the Serpent's Grasp" April 29, 1998 113 13

Rob tries to find out who his father is; The kids' fight with the Mecha-Streisand concludes.

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