Sonic Streaker
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Sonic streaker
Production information
Manufacturer Tau'ri
Class SSTO Rocket
Technical specifications
Length 320 meters
Width 7 meters
Height/Depth 320 meters
Maximum speed 200,000 kph
Engine unit(s) 3 jet propulsion engines
Hyperdrive system Naquadria-powered hyperspace window generator
Shielding Lantean shielding system
Crew 5 people, including pilot
Passengers 2,000
Role Space Rescue Vehicle
Affiliation Tau'ri
First "Fallen"

The Sonic Streaker is Stamford Gate GCC's ultrasonic single stage to orbit (SSTO) space vehicle designed for missions involving space rescue, including occasions when the Groundbridge is not working, or on some cases, when it is simply not needed, and for maintaining the systems and crew of the SkyLab.

Its main pilot is The SGC's commanding officer Peter Mandelson, with many students providing back-up on an alternating basis, including PuffPuff Humbert, Clyde Donovan, Toad Sanderson, Tobias Wilson, Spike Wackowski, Dino-Rang, ect., although it was first piloted by Zowie Hosker and Lance Patrick in its debut, "Fallen".





Grappling ArmsEdit

Rocket LauchersEdit

Nova CannonEdit

Astro DrillEdit

Launch SequenceEdit



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