The Jumping Ground home video
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Jg s1 cover
The Jumping Ground: The Complete First Season
Produced By Warner Home Video
Release Date May 7, 2002 (R2)
November 12, 2003 (R1)
October 4, 2007 (R4)
Region 1 (US)
2 (UK)
4 (Australia)
Discs 3

The Jumping Ground: The Complete First Season is a 2002 DVD release of Season One, including all thirteen episodes from the season, in addition to trailers, TV spots, It was also originally to feature audio commentaries, but they were not included in the final set.


This front cover's primary color is dark-grey and black. It depicts Puff, Zowie, Lance and Rob looking at the camera smiling. This is the only cover to not have any objects, theme or reference to any episode from the show.

The back cover shows the kids laughing, except for Rob, who is mooning the viewer.


File:Jgs1 back.png

Audio CommentariesEdit

Originally, the disc was to include full episode audio commentaries, but for unknown reasons Warner Bros. removed them from the disc. Co-creators Lee Eisenhower and Conrad Vernon were angry with the decision and worked out a deal to release the commentaries on a CD available directly at the Cartoon Network website.

Unlike the later commentaries, these full commentaries ran for the entire episode's length. Unfortunately, The Complete Second Season set does not include audio commentaries - it wasn't until the release of The Jumping Ground: The Complete Third Season that the DVDs were released with commentaries, and these were compressed in small mini-commentaries.