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The Jumping Ground Movie is a 2016 Action-adventure-science fiction-comedy film and the first film based on the Cartoon Network show The Jumping Ground (unless one were to count the Imaginationland trilogy, which is subject to debate).

An New Zealand-American co-production, the film was produced by Village Roadshow Pictures, Cartoon Network Studios, DHX Media and Jumping Ground Studios for Warner Bros. Pictures, and was released on July 15, 2016, in 2D and 3D theatres.


SG-1, led by PuffPuff Humbert, have been attacked by a powerful unstoppable wave of unknown aliens, who destroy the USS Odyssey, leaving them stranded on a new, Groundbridge-less planet, where they find themselves in conflict with a new ruthless enemy, while finding a way to get off the planet.


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The first teaser trailer for the film debuted in front of Paramount's Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation on July 31, 2015. It was also shown in front of Fox's Fantastic Four and Universal's Straight Outta Compton.

The second teaser trailer debuted in front of Warner Bros.' In the Heart of the Sea on December 11, 2015. It was also shown in front of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Warner Bros.' Point Break. An extended and revised version of that trailer was shown in front of Disney's Zootopia on March 4, 2016. It was also shown in front of Lionsgate's The Divergent Series: Allegiant and Warner Bros.' Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The film's first full trailer debuted on April 15, 2016, in front of Disney's remake of The Jungle Book, as well as Warner Bros. and MGM's Barbershop: The Next Cut.


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Critical responseEdit

Upon its premiere at 2016 Cannes Film Festival, The Wall Street Journal reported that film critics believed that The Jumping Ground Movie's crafty visuals are seriously undermined by unaffordable storytelling". According to TheWrap, particular critics who gave early reviews at the festival found the film's storyline to be "convoluted" and that the action sequences were "unremarkable" aside from particular praise given to Peter Dinklage's performance.

Website Rating
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Rotten Tomatoes
30% (Rotten)
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43/100 (Mixed or Average Reviews)
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Based on 104 critic reviews, the film has an 30% rating on review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score of 5.7/10, with the critical consensus stating that "The Jumping Ground Movie boasts more of the big ideas and surreal mishaps than usual as if it was an extended episode of the Cartoon Network cult classic, but when equipped with a slew of flaws such as an unthoughtful, tissue-thin script and an unprecedented amount of unwanted clichés, it's no match for the dark forces that would threaten it's somewhat whimsical premise."

Metacritic, another review aggregator, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to critic reviews, reported an average score of 43/100 (indicating "mixed or average reviews"), based on 60 critics.

Among cinemagoers, the film earned an "A-" rating from those polled by CinemaScore.





  • April Webster & Associates - US Talent Casting
  • Atomic Cartoons - Special Effects Company
  • Cartoon Network Studios - Production Company
  • Clark & Page Casting - Canada Talent Casting
  • Clear Angle Studios LTD - Special Effects Company: Cyber Scanning
  • Criterion Software - Special Effects Company
  • DHX Media - Production Company
  • Double Negative - Special Effects Company
  • Entertainment Partners Canada - Payroll Services
  • Film Illusions - Special Effects Company
  • Jumping Ground Studios - Production Company
  • Kelvin Optical - Special Effects Company
  • Lin Pictures - Production Company
  • Mercury Filmworks - Special Effects Company
  • Moving Picture Company - Special Effects Company
  • Proof Inc. - Pre-Visualization Company
  • Quantum Creation FX - Special Effects Company
  • Sessions Payroll Management - Extras Payroll Services
  • RatPac-Dune Entertainment - Co-Financier/Production Company
  • Roadshow Entertainment - Distributor (Australia/New Zealand)
  • Village Roadshow Pictures - Production Company
  • Warner Bros. Pictures - Production Company/Distributor
  • Warner Animation Group - Animation Company (credited as Warner Bros. Animation)





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